… and it has been difficult to choose just one poem to share.

Individual poems help me to pinpoint where I am at a certain time in my life, speaking to, and echoing, that which eludes my own self-expression.

The poem currently in my head and thoughts is one by Michael Gorman. It resonates much with my experience of growing up in Ireland.

From The People I Grew Up With Were Afraid:

‘The people I grew up with were afraid,

They were alone too long in waiting-rooms,

in dispensaries and in offices whose functions

they did not understand.’

‘And what were they afraid of? Rent

collectors, rate collectors, insurance men.

things to do with money. But,

especially of their vengeful God.’

It ends:

‘Our mother’s factory pay-packet

is sitting in the kitchen press

and our father, without

humour or relief, is

waiting for the sky to fall.’

This is why I so love poetry and so need it constantly in my life.

It succeeds in finding words to express my feelings and experiences, particularly where my own voice has failed me.